Annual report 2018

Annual financial report (June – December 2018)

Zion Finance LTD announced the start of its activity on June 8, 2018 (UK Registration Certificate No.11404421). The main activities of the company: financial and credit services, cash settlement services, operations with securities, and precious metals. Commercial real estate investments and venture capital investments were added to the main activities later.

Startup capital amounted to $ 300,000. It was proportionally distributed between activities to meet two main criteria:

  • to maximize the profitability of invested funds;
  • to remain below a given level of financial risk indicator for each type of activity.

For 7 months of activity in 2018, the profit of the company amounted to $ 261,867. Including 51.13% of the profit derived from the financial and credit activity, 39.34% from securities operations, 3.52% from venture investments, 3.05% from precious metals transactions, 2.14% from commercial real estate investments, and 0.81% from cash settlement services.

The total company's cash turnover increase in the reporting year amounted to 87.29%. The largest increase was shown by the turnover on operations with securities 114.47% and the turnover of financial and credit activities 74.39%, including deposits of individuals.

Work priorities for 2019 are defined:

  • keeping financial risk indicators at the current level;
  • venture investment development as a priority;
  • expansion of the share of investments in commercial real estate;
  • improvement of cooperation conditions for private investors.
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