Annual report 2019

Annual financial report (January – December 2019)

In 2019, the company adhered to previously selected areas of activity and did not develop new niches. All work priorities for 2019 were fulfilled: financial risk indicators kept at 12% lower than planned, the share of the venture capital investments expanded, improvements of the online investment platform applied, the number of private investors increased 3.5 times. Online investor profit has increased to 10% per month.

In the reporting year, the company's assets grew by more than 2.57 times and amounted to $ 1,583,334. Including 31.43% of the profit derived from the financial and credit activity, 37.79% from securities operations, 25.34% from venture investments, 2.64% from precious metals transactions, 2.14% from commercial real estate investments and 0.66% from cash settlement services to customers.

Deviations of the company’s turnover from the planned indicators during the year were within normal limits: in June, the deviation was critical of 90.07%, in October it was possible to exceed the plan by 101.78%.

Thanks to the site, the geography of attracting funds from private investors has expanded significantly. More than 600 people were able to invest $ 567,816 and earn $ 294,547. Online earnings have become available in several new countries. Investors from countries such as Canada, France, Qatar, Taiwan, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Jamaica, and others joined us.

Priority Tasks for 2020:

  • Opening of company branches in 5 countries.
  • Further development of venture capital investments
  • Development of new package offers for private investors
  • Make online investing affordable around the world."
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