Email and Prohibited Content

The subject of this policy is the use of the Zion Finance LTD website. Zion Finance LTD Company has a zero-tolerance spam policy. This means that it is forbidden to send other people emails with information that they did not request. Anyone who uses the company's products to send spam will be found to violate this policy. In case of violation, the company reserves the right to terminate the account of the violator. Other possible consequences for violation of this policy are a liability for civil, administrative, or criminal penalties and damages.

To investigate cases of spamming, the company may request additional information about the user's mailing lists and his actions on the company's website.

Zion Finance LTD may change this policy at any time. The user is fully responsible to keep up-to-date with this policy.

Email Requirements

  • The subject and header should correspond to the content of the message.
  • The email must contain the valid sender address for the reply.
  • The message should contain the information requested by the addressee.