Latest Blockchain News

Modified date: 13/01/2021
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Latest Blockchain News

The end of 2020 was marked by new records for the digital currency Bitcoin. Its value has reached its three-year high, exceeded it, and continues to grow. Analysts predict the price of bitcoin at 40,000$, 60,000$, and even 400,000$. The famous investor Robert Kiyosaki, author of the books "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Cash Flow Quadrant" also invested in bitcoin. He expects its price to rise to 50,000$. And this is possible given the high demand for BTC. PayPal received a license to use cryptocurrencies in trading, which also instills investors' confidence.

Nobody knows for sure what will actually happen. Everyone was waiting for continued growth. But the value of the currency fell as rapidly as it rose. One thing is clear - before investing money, you need to research the market, form your own opinion, and act based on it, observing acceptable risks. Those who act based on emotions, excitement, loud statements by analysts and the media are doomed to failure. Zion finance will help novice investors cope with emotions, invest money wisely, and reduce risks.

State Digital Currencies.

Governments of different countries are increasingly discussing the possibility of using digital national currencies. China is already testing crypto-yuan within selected cities. Draws are held between residents of the city, like a lottery. And everyone who became the owner of the cryptocurrency can use it for purchases.

But this is still an isolated case. It is a complex process that involves great risks. The cryptocurrency operation fees are much lower than in banks. Naturally, citizens will prefer cryptocurrencies. Banks run the risk of losing a significant part of their profits, and tax payments to the budget will decrease. This can harm the economy. Therefore, the preparation and implementation of state cryptocurrencies are extremely slow, despite all the advantages of blockchain technology and the ease of issuing electronic money.

Before mass implementation, it is necessary to prepare laws to regulate the use of electronic currency, carefully analyze the possible impact on the banking system and the economy as a whole, as well as the possible consequences.

Blockchain in everyday life.

Of course, most people are only interested in cryptocurrencies because they allow you to earn money. But blockchain technology is much more functional and promising. It can be used anywhere.

Information is the most valuable resource today. Valuable information can be encrypted, protected against theft and counterfeiting using blockchain distributed ledger technology. It is already used in the financial sector, in medicine, in manufacturing. It protects identity cards, corporate documents, securities, medical diagnoses, and prescriptions and allows you to control production at all stages.

Experts continue to work to improve security algorithms, performance, and reliability of systems using blockchain. Its widespread adoption is inevitable and may soon become a security standard.

Fundamental analysis is an important part of an investor's job. It includes the analysis of financial statements, news, and current events related to the investment object. It helps to determine the prospects and risks of investing in a particular asset. Zion Finance invites you to use the services of professional analysts and investors. Invest with us, and make a profit in the growing cryptocurrency market.