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Simply, profitably, conveniently!

120% per annum (10% per month)

Deposit for 30 days

Create a deposit

Deposits in US dollars

Deposits in popular crypto-currencies New

Early termination

Referral bonus of 3%

Internal transfers

How to open a deposit?

1Register on the site

2Log in my account

3Choose "Create deposit" in the menu

4Choose currency and payment system

5Enter deposit amount


Payment of a deposit

The deposit interest is at the end of the period, in 30 days

The interest and the deposit itself are transferred to your internal balance

You can withdraw money from the balance to your e-wallet specified in the settings

You can make a new deposit and get more profit

You can terminate the deposit ahead of time with a 5% commission for termination

Calculate the profit

How to get a referral bonus of 3%?

Register on the site

You get a referral link automatically , which can be found in your personal account

Invite friends using your referral link

You get a 3% bonus from each input of any invited friends


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