New investment opportunities with Tether (USDT) ERC20 and TRC20

Modified date: 30/03/2021
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Zion Finance continues to improve its services and expand investment opportunities for current and future clients. Now there is an opportunity to invest with the Tether cryptocurrency on favorable terms:

  • Minimum deposit: 200 USDT(ERC20), 10 USDT (TRC20).
  • Minimum withdrawal: 100 USDT(ERC20), 5 USDT (TRC).
  • The company charges a withdrawal fee of USDT(ERC20) = 5, USDT(TRC20) = NO FEE.

So what is Tether, and why did we choose this cryptocurrency?

The main feature of Tether is stability. Its rate is pegged to the US dollar exchange rate and fluctuates between 1-2 cents. Tether is stable because it is backed by real money. The buyer deposits US dollars and receives an equivalent amount of Tether tokens. When the owner exchanges Tether for fiat money, the returned tokens are destroyed.

xTether is not an independent cryptocurrency because it does not have its own blockchain. Tether was issued based on bitcoin, which means that all transactions with Tether are recorded on the bitcoin blockchain. Now tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 protocol) and based on Tron (TRC-20 protocol) appeared. Zion Finance has included these tokens in the package of currencies available for investment. The creators of Tether are developing the network and continue to launch Tether based on other cryptocurrencies.

Tether is not just USDT tokens pegged to the US dollar. Tether also issued EURT - stable coins pegged to the Euro, CNH pegged to the Yuan, and Tether Gold (XAUT) pegged to gold. According to the Tether concept, all tokens are backed by real money and precious metals. By the way, the gold to back up Tether Gold (XAUT) will be held in a Swiss bank.

Investments with Tether stable coins have their advantages. The daily volatility of bitcoin can reach tens of percent. A bitcoin investor can get a loss if, during the deposit period, the rate of this cryptocurrency decreases more than the deposit interest rate. In the case of investing with Tether, the deposit profit will always remain stable, like the coin itself.

Holders of bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies use Tether to lock in profits or avoid losses during recessions. It is very inconvenient and expensive to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money every time a pullback is expected in the market and quotes are going down. Banks' commissions and the terms of such operations are quite large. It is much easier to exchange cryptocurrency for a stable Tether, wait out the decline and buy again at lower prices. Commissions and transaction execution terms will be minimal.

Tether's features make it a very convenient investment tool. Zion Finance company is confident that investors will appreciate this innovation. We invite existing and new clients to invest with Tether (USDT) ERC20 and TRC20 on favorable terms.