Updated version 1.7

Modified date: 05/03/2021
Updated version 1.7

Zion Finance LTD has been updated to version 1.7.

Why stop there when you can do even better? So our Zion Finance technical team is constantly developing and improving our platform. The next additions and changes can already be found on our website.

Version 1.7 has the following major additions and changes:

  • Added a new language version and language switch for the mobile app. We want to provide comfortable work to our clients from different parts of the world.
  • The Ethereum withdrawal fee at Zion Finance is now 0.002 ETH per withdrawal. We are making a temporary change to our ETH withdrawal fee due to increased traffic on the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in growing transaction costs.
  • We decided to refresh the design of the main page a little, making it lighter and more modern. We hope you will like it!
  • Fixed several technical bugs.

Zion Finance is simply, profitable, convenient!