Why Zion, not the Bank

Modified date: 16/04/2021
Why Zion, not the Bank

We constantly have to choose. Both in simple everyday life and in difficult situations, on which further life may depend, we have to analyze, weigh all the pros and cons, and make decisions. What food to order, go to the movies or watch TV at home, learn programming or design, which car to choose, keep money at home, put in a bank, or invest with Zion Finance? Each of these situations requires a different amount of time and effort to make a decision.

Based on our tastes, we quickly select food, clothing, furniture, and other household items. But things get more complicated when we are faced with the question of how to manage our savings.

The idea of keeping cash in a safe place should be immediately discarded. After all, everyone knows about inflation (the depreciation of money) and how it “eats up” cash savings. Therefore, it remains to choose between a bank deposit or investing with the help of the Zion finance professional team.

So let`s compare them and assess their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Profitability.
    The interest on the bank deposit only makes it possible to compensate for inflation. That`s means at the end of the deposit term, the depositor will receive more money than he put in, but he will be able to buy the same amount of goods with this money as before the opening of the deposit. Investing allows you to make big profits due to significant fluctuations in the securities markets, precious metals markets, and crypto exchanges. Zion Finance offers favorable investment conditions that significantly exceed the interest on bank deposits. You can get acquainted with the current offers of the company on the website By the way, here's a life hack. If the bank significantly increases the rates on deposits, this is rather a bad sign. Do not rush to bring your money there. Banks count every cent and will not increase payments to depositors just like that. Most likely, the bank is experiencing financial problems and, with the help of tempting deposit rates, seeks to attract additional capital from new depositors and avoid bankruptcy. The reason for the growth in interest rates on deposits may also be the acceleration of inflation in the state economy.
  • Payouts.
    Banks pay interest at the end of the deposit term or monthly. Deposits with monthly interest payments have a lower interest rate. In case of early closure of the deposit, the depositor loses all profit and receives only the invested money. Zion Finance pays out investment returns daily. This allows the investor to immediately withdraw the money or reinvest it and get more profit. The interest rate depends only on the investment term.
  • Investment term.
    The terms of deposits are fixed and are usually three, six, nine, and 12 months with automatic renewal. With such terms, budgeting is inconvenient because it is difficult to predict whether the money will be needed in the next three months. Zion Finance offers investment for any period from one to twelve months, and each investor can more precisely choose the period that suits him.
  • Currencies and additional costs.
    Banks accept deposits in national currency, in US dollars, and possibly in Euros. Moreover, the bank can charge significant fees for crediting, issuing money, as well as transfers between accounts, reducing the depositor's profit. Investing with Zion Finance is possible in US dollars, Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ether. And this list will expand over time. Of course, there are commissions determined by the rules of operations with cryptocurrencies or by the issuing bank of the card from which the investor transfers money. The Zion Finance company also charges a withdrawal fee, but it is significantly less than bank fees.
  • So, we have identified four main advantages of investing with Zion Finance over Bank deposits. But that's not all. When you contact the company, you will also appreciate the convenience and speed of service, professionalism, and responsiveness of the support service, and, of course, high stable profits.

    Now it's easy for you to make a choice!